You and Yer Haint

Now everyone is always holding der hands out for free stuff and all.... I tell ya not here...What you pay fer is what you get.  when you receive one of my kin folk, ya'll have everythang that you need.

The first thang you young'ins will see is a tombstone card.  This is a very important critter to have.  On the front side, you will have the care instructions fer my kin and on the back side you give my kin its name and dead date.  That's the date you received your Haint.  And best of all, you can tell the world how you found yer haint too.  Bless yer heart.  Ain't that special! 

Next, you will receive a special black box that will go just under the care instructions.  You have to be very careful here.  If you recevied yer Haint at an event, this will be already done fer you, if not you'll have to carefully fold yer box first and then attach yer Haint box to the tombstone using the magical double-sided sticky thing.   Now remember folks, I was talking before about the special seal that glows - it's the one with my photo on it - just carefully peel the backing off, like taffy on yer wooden teeth, and seal the front end of the box lid with it.  Now step back and look at what you done did.  You made a home for yer Haint.

frontside tombstonebox withglow   backside tombstone
                      Front                                                        box   Back 

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